Other ESA awards

HatTrick awards
A cornerstone of ESA’s work is its relationship with its 52 member county associations – and English Subbuteo’s governing body has given the associations even more recognition by introducing the ESA HatTrick Awards.

The County xxxnameofcounty Subbuteo Association won a ESA HatTrick Award for its women’s Subbuteo work ©ESA

Since 2017, ESA’s HatTrick programme has given invaluable assistance to county associations across the country in sporting, administrative and infrastructure terms. The premise is to direct revenue generated by ESA’s major competitions back into the sport, and encourage county associations to upgrade their facilities and develop the game on and off the field of play. 

The ESA HatTrick Awards are presented each year and are open to all of the 52 ESA member associations. Five award areas have been drawn up: Best Investment Project; Best Social Project; Best Special Project; Best Women’s Subbuteo Development project; and Best Host Project.

Each association is entitled to enter one project from one of the five categories every year, and projects should fulfil given criteria to be eligible. These include mid to long-term legacy, impact of Subbuteo’s development in the country and impact on specific social target groups.

The ESA HatTrick Committee reviews all of the entries and votes for the best entry in each category. ESA is confident that the HatTrick Awards will further encourage the member associations to launch projects for the overall well-being of the English game.

Grassroots Awards
Each year, ESA celebrates the immense value of Subbuteo’s vital grassroots with the ESA Grassroots Week – and excellence in the English grassroots sector is rewarded by the ESA Grassroots Awards.

County Area xxxnameofcountyarea Girls (xxxnameofcounty – ESA Grassroots Award winners ©ESA

The event, which takes place in September each year, sees grassroots events featuring young and old taking place across England, underlining ESA’s stance that elite Subbuteo cannot flourish without healthy grassroots – and serves as a firm reminder that Subbuteo Table Football is available to all, irrespective of size, shape, colour or faith. 

The Grassroots Awards aim to recognise outstanding achievements in grassroots Subbuteo. ESA rewards the winners with gold, silver and bronze prizes in three key areas – best leader, best project and best grassroots club.

Each of the nominees from throughout England is recommended by the ESA Grassroots Panel and the ESA Development and Technical Assistance Committee, and ratified by the ESA Executive Committee.

KISS Marketing Awards
English county associations are producing outstanding work in the field of marketing – and are being rewarded for their excellence by ESA’s annual KISS Marketing Awards.

The 2019 KISS Marketing Award winners’ ceremony ©ESA

The marketing awards are staged under the auspices of ESA’s Knowledge & Information Sharing Scenario (KISS) – the programme whereby SAs exchange expertise for the overall improvement of English Subbuteo. Excellence is celebrated in what is a crucial area of modern-day Subbuteo, given that marketing helps nurture the identity of a national team, club or fan base. 

The awards demonstrate the excellent promotion of Subbuteo that is going on across ESA’s associations – work which fully justifies ESA’s strong support, and which provides constant mutual inspiration for all of the associations.

Award categories are Best Brand Activation; Best Fan Engagement Campaign; Best Commercial Partnership; Best Grassroots Marketing Campaign and Best Women’s Subbuteo Marketing Campaign. Awards for creativity and innovation are also given in each category.