The ESA Disciplinary Regulations serve to ensure that the objectives of ESA are attained as per Article 2 of the ESA Statutes.


The disciplinary regulations contain the substantive and formal provisions for the sanctioning of disciplinary offences falling within their scope of application. They describe the infringements, regulate the application of penalties and govern the organisation and action of the disciplinary bodies and the procedure to be followed before these bodies.

In the following links you can download both the current version of the ESA Disciplinary Regulations and previous ones.

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Last updated: 8/12/20


  • ESA Disciplinary Regulations, Edition 2020

01 September 2020

  • ESA Disciplinary Regulations, Edition 2019

01 September 2019

  • ESA DisciplinaryRegulations, Edition 2018

01 September 2018

  • ESA DisciplinaryRegulations, Edition 2017

01 September 2017

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